Gratitude is a guide to happiness.

We all have so many things we can express gratitude for when we are asked directly, but typically the things we want to change or the things we don’t like remain on the forefront of our minds.

Of course, this thought pattern will lead to a more negative mindset. We have all heard that practicing something is what makes you better, and two key components are being consistent and intentional.

What if we were able to focus on what is going well just as often as we focus on what could be better. Placing intentional energy in the positive aspects of ourselves, our loved ones, and our surroundings.

daily journaling emery counselingEvery day think of 5 things you are grateful for but to help ourselves be more intentional come up with topics you would like to focus on.

Below are five to get you started but I encourage you to come up with your own if something fits your life better. Don’t just think about your gratitude verbalize it to yourself or someone else, and write it down. Practice every day. 

Who are you thankful in this moment 

What are you thankful for about yourself

What are you thankful for about your past

What are you thankful for about your present

What are you thankful for about your future     

Whitney Pollard, LPC, MA
Emery Counseling Therapist

Marriage Family Therapy Fort Collins Colorado