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Anger…that terrifying emotion that so many experience, but so many do not understand.

In my time as a therapist I have seen two different reactions to the emotion anger. I have seen people who are ok with anger and in fact enjoy the emotion anger. I have also seen clients who hate the emotion anger and think that if they feel anger it makes them a bad person.

Anger is neither good nor bad, it just is! 

What many do not realize is anger is what is considered a secondary emotion. In the world of emotions we have primary and secondary.

Primary emotions include sadness, betrayal, emptiness, and many more. For most, these are foreign emotions and because of their foreign nature people do not understand how to cope with them.

Enter anger. Anger is an emotion that we are all taught from a young age. Growing up for me anger was the emotion that was allowed all the time. Due to that, Anger is the emotion I felt often as I continued to mature and it is one I enjoyed feeling. Anger pushed me, built me up, and made me feel strong. However, anger also caused a lot of issues for me. For those of you dealing with the emotion anger know that you are not a bad person.

How to deal with your emotions emery counseling

What I would encourage you to do is begin thinking about what your primary emotions that you are feeling.

Those primary emotions are what lead and cause anger. From there I would begin to notice where you feel anger in your body at the least, middle, and worst of it. Remember you are not a bad person because you feel this emotion.

We all feel it!