A myth about meditation needs to be busted. 

Mindfulness therapy fort collinsIt does not always or ever need to be a formal sitting practice where you are on a cushion on your floor with palo santo fragrant in the air (although lovely), does not appeal to everyone. 

And furthermore, a “formal” sitting practice is not so formal at all. When you are sitting, you are sitting with whatever is arising. That means anxiety, sadness, anger. To sit with. It is a practice of full awareness and detachment from what is in the here and now for you. Mindfulness practice can be woven into anything in your daily life while doing the dishes or exercising. I would like to introduce Loving Kindness for the meditation curious human beans out there. (If you have every seen or read the BFG you get my joke here☺)

*Disclaimer if you are not used to working with your body and its felt sensations then it is best to be guided by a professional mindfulness counselor first. The body stores and remembers all the things. It is best to go in a little at a time. 

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The next time you are finding life a bit painful, zone into your own heart. 

Notice what sort of discomfort or joy arises are you touch into your heart. 

What message is your heart needing to hear today? 

Let the messages flow. 

My messages today:

May I be happy. 

May I be free. 

May I be accepted and loved. 

May I be strong. 

May I let time lead the way. 

May I heal. 

….Continue and feel into your heart the words you say to yourself. 

Repeat as many times as you need the intuitive messages your heart gave you today. 

Make sure the phrases are shorter and direct. Although there are no rules here, follow your…heart.