Welcome to summer! 

Well, maybe technically not, but spiritually? Absolutely. Congratulations to all my College students for finishing strong through another year of classes! In celebration of your achievements, I wanted to create a little summer survival guide…a little outside of the ‘therapist box’, yes, but it’s time to relax, kick back, and focus on building your physical and mental wealth. So, with all that said, let’s have some fun! 

Lucky’s Market $5/6 Sushi 

Unfortunately for my bank account, Lucky’s is only about two blocks away from Emery Counseling. Fortunately, that all changes on Sushi Tuesdays. Check out Lucky’s Market near Old Town Fort Collins for some great, cheap sushi. 

Where to eat in fort collins colorado

The Flipside, Downtown Loveland 

For anyone interested in a trip to downtown Loveland (in my eyes, it totally competes with Old Town Fort Collins in terms of overall atmosphere), checkout Freeplay Monday at the Flipside from 5-11 PM! They offer up to 6 hours of unlimited free play on all of their arcade games with only a $15 fee at the door! Not a bad gig for my fellow pinball wizards or air hockey fanatics, huh? 

fun things to do in downtown loveland

Mo Jeaux’s Veggie Burger 

To all my vegetarians (Sorry, vegan friends, it’s made with cheese last I checked…) or veggie-presenting friends, I maintain Mo Jeaux’s in Fort Collins makes the absolute best veggie burger I’ve ever had. Now, we’re fortunate to have a lot of great veggie friendly options in the NoCo area, but I challenge you to find a better veggie burger than you can get here…Get a side of sweet potato fries too. Whoof. You’re good to go! 

where to eat in downtown fort collins


Us Coloradoans are very fortunate to live in an area that is ripe with so many wonderful gardening possibilities! Peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, rhubarb, fresh herbs…so many amazing options! We’re approaching the time of the year where we should (fingers crossed) be passed the worst of the weather. Gardening is a wonderful way to get some all important Vitamin D, fresh air, and engage in an outdoor practice that can be both mindful and physically rewarding..not to mention all the delicious earth treats you can end up with! 

how to get out of my depression fort collins colorado

Estes Park 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are only a short drive up the mountains into beautiful Estes Park! Now, summers can get crowded, but Estes Park is known for its amazing festivals. Why not take a trip up to Estes Park for the June 18th Friends of Folk Music Festival? There are plenty of wonderful hiking jaunts around the Estes Park area. If you get up early enough…Don’t forget to stop at Cinnamon’s Bakery. Best pecan roll of my life…also, they make excellent cinnamon rolls. Who’da Thunk! 

mindfulness estes park

Connect with Old Friends 

I’ve previously written about the importance of connecting with old friends, but I get it…The academic year can really make it challenging to put a focus on reconnecting with friends and meaningful relationships from the past. However, it can be easy to normalize the passage of time and lose touch with important people from your life’s journey. Utilize summer as a time to put an end to that unhealthy practice. 

Become Your Own Darwin! 

Colorado draws a wealth of folks up to Estes Park for the yearly elk rut…but we have a variety of raptors that call the skies home over the summer, including a plethora of migratory birds that make their way through Colorado. Why not grab a field guide, your trusty nalgene, a journal, and head out for some local bird watching? Anyone can become a birding expert! 

Don’t forget to pay forward wealth into your relationship with your mental health! Have a wonderful summer! 


Note: I don’t receive any business or financial incentives from listing events from the above businesses…it’s just my opinion on the wealth of wonderful ways to stay active and be kind to ourselves in the NoCo community.