November is the month to reach out to your lost connections, or even to the folks that you are confident know that you are present in their lives.

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We have darker days ahead and the cold of winter is coming.

Men, how often do we validate one another? How often do we say those three simple words to someone we truly hold love for in our hearts?

I specifically use the term “Men” here, because only you know as a man how vulnerability was shown to you as a child…I never had a man teach me that I could truly share my insights about my relationships with another man and what I see in them. It’s something I’ve seen so many men struggle with.

Vulnerability is so often taught, either spoken or unspokenly, as a weakness and not as a source of strength.

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There’s a place for logic and a place to let your heart lead…I am imploring you to let your heart lead in rediscovering past connections and sharing the truth of what you’ve seen from the folks on your journey, big or small.

So many of us have had a darker moment during the depths of fall or winter and experienced that simple text…that simple text or the liking of,

“Hey _____, I was thinking about you today…how are you?”

In that moment of surprise, we’re grounded in remembering that we are cared for beyond what we can sometimes think is present in our lives.

We spend years accumulating contacts, perhaps since we got our first cellphone in junior high or high school.

Be that message out of the blue. When was the last time you reached out to someone who made a difference in your life, or who you hold in high regards?

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What difference would renewed connection have in your life?

Worst case scenario…you don’t hear back. Best case scenario…you have a dramatic impact on someone’s life.