Gratitude is when we are able to stop looking for the things we don’t have and be grateful for the things we do have.

When we express gratitude it can show so many benefits; strengthen relationship, improve health, reduce stress, and increase resiliency. A frequently used method to practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal.

Gratitude journal fort collinsTo start you can pick a time during the day to simply recognize one thing every day you are thankful for. When the days move on and we feel our thoughts shifting to a negative space, stop and remember that one thing to be thankful for. Slowly increase the number of things you recognize and recall throughout the day. Once you practice this frequently for a period of time it will be automatic, and I believe help increase your quality of life. Another way to practice and show gratitude is to send someone a letter than has been a positive influence in your life. It can be someone who has no idea the impact they had on you or someone you thank often.


I believe gratitude can be contagious so let’s try to spread it around!

Whitney Miller

Christian Counseling Therapy Fort Collins Colorado