Self-care is a commitment to doing the hard things that will build your resilience.

It’s not a commitment to just your overall health, but a commitment to your physical and mental wealth

…But is it doing the bare minimum for ourselves? 

We can aim higher. 

Is it just movement from point A to point B, or an endless campaign of growth? We deserve more than just to eat, sleep, and move…nourish your soul

Build your inner dialogue…I am worth it and so much more

What do you need to attend to? 

How is your body speaking to you…when you sit in silence, what do you notice?

Invite in your quirks to attend to yourself.

These are the items that you uniquely relish and speak to who you are. 

Every step forward is another way to harden your resiliency. 

Honor and empower yourself. You’re the expert on your experiences. 

Light your fire.

light your fire Chris Roland Mens counseling Northern Colorado