Christian Counseling Therapy Fort Collins ColoradoHowever you arrived at this moment, you have survived a year like none other in recent memory.  Whatever your beliefs are about the events of 2020, you are now here.  Summer. 2021.  You’ve probably aged a year.  You’ve probably made adjustments you liked and others you disliked.  Maybe now you are craving adventure, stability, a giant dance party, or tremendous amounts of alone time.How to know what's next counseling fort collins emery

Now What?

Perhaps this is a perfect time to look at your goals, dreams, and desires like many often do around the New Year.  


First, DO NOT make a million impossible goals for yourself (i.e. lose 37 pounds by next week, run a marathon next month, and volunteer 5 hours a day before heading into work).

DO, use tools that have always worked for YOU and/or try something that sounds EASY and FUN.  

A few ideas to get you started:

  • Brainstorm a new bucket list for the year, the quarter, or the decade.  
  • Make an Action Board (the newer version of vision boards that includes the ACTIONS needed to accomplish your visions).  As a creative, I personally love a good vision/action board because it helps me spend time in a fun way, sorting out what I most want to focus on – there’s only so much room on that page so you are kind of forced to narrow things down!
  • Take a walk, jog, or long quite rest in the sunshine and see what comes to mind.  
  • If you love to have ALL THE DETAILS, choose an in depth planner (see here for LOTS of options:
  • Talk to a trusted friend, therapist, or coach to help with prioritizing, accountability, or stuck points.

In the end, the method is not as important as taking a bit of intentional time to listen to God, the Universe, that wise inner knowing, and take a step or two in the direction of joy.

I would love to hear YOUR favorite ways to make, prioritize, and reach goals.  Email me at [email protected]

If I get enough responses, I will share them in a future blog so everyone can benefit from the great work others in the community have done.