1. The Statistics Are In! Can Marriage Counseling Help You?

    Does marriage counseling really work? We get this question a lot from first-time patients. Here at Emery Counseling, your local Fort Collins marriage counselors, we believe that marriage counseling can work depending on a number of factors including the depth of your marital problems, your willingness to change, and how well you respond to our techniques. To help better answer the often-posed …Read More

  2. Signs It’s Time To See Your Fort Collins Marriage Counselor

    Here at Emery Counseling, it's no wonder that we're some of Northern Colorado's most trusted counselors. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment where you and your partner can grow, communicate, and learn. As a Fort Collins marriage counselor, we've committed ourselves to accepting those who come through our doors and to addressing difficult situations while providing accounta…Read More

  3. The Lost Art of Listening

    If you’re like me, I have an uncanny ability to listen to so many things at the same time I don’t really hear any of them. Between the music, the phone, the TV, the computer and whatever voices I have in my head (the healthy kind :)), I can barely focus on another person. I notice it most when I ride my bike without my music. I hear the birds, I hear kids playing, I am much more aware of where…Read More

  4. Just Say No

    Text message reads: N: The Baker’s want to know if we can do dinner with them next Friday. J: Sure. Wait! We have Isaac’s football game. How about Saturday? N: No. That won’t work because we are attending the banquet. J: Friday in two weeks? N: No. We’ve committed to help at Jessica’s school dance. J: Crap. I guess tell them we’ll let them know when we can find a time. Sound familiar? …Read More

  5. Affirmation – The Sustainable Fuel

    Parents often ask me how to “motivate” their kids. They try incentives, consequences, threats, but few try affirmation. Parents tend to shy away from affirming their children out of fear of two perceived consequences. The first fear is parents believe if they affirm their children they are communicating that they are approving of everything their children are doing (and they don’t want to do…Read More