This week I had the opportunity to wait in a long line at the emissions testing site to convince the state of Colorado that my 2014 F-150 was actually fit for the road.

It passed!! While I was waiting I began thinking of all the varied “tests” and “check-ups” that we all are so frequently subjected tohow to attend to your marriage

For Example: Biannual dental checkups; Annual medical exams; The before mentioned emissions test. The well-advised home inspections prior to purchase.

Now with COVID, frequent temperature checks, clean masks, 6ft distancing, the dreaded COVID test with the swab piercing the back of your head and finally those lovely 2 application vaccinations puncturing each of your arms.

Just to mention a few, but what seemed to be noticeably absent was any mention of a “Relationship Check-up” 

I know what you’re probably thinking, of course a Marriage Therapist would suggest such a “check-up!  But actually we do suggest and even strongly encourage that married couples consider a variety of Relationship Check-ups.

For example, at Emery Counseling we offer couples an opportunity to participate in an online relationship assessment which will give a couple a very accurate and helpful overview of their “strengths” and “growth” areas in their marriage.  Once the assessment is complete, the couple will sit with one of our counselors to discuss the findings and determine if any action is suggested in order to maintain a healthy, vibrant, fulfilling and equally rewarding relationship for both participants. 

At this point you might be asking: “Are you really suggesting a “Marriage Inspection, a biannual or annual “Check-up”???

marriage counseling gary emeryYes, and here is why:

We all start out in marriage with such high expectations and intentions, but over time we “Drift” apart and too many coupes suffer from this very natural, but painful phenomenon of relational distancing.  Paula and myself will be celebrating 50 years of marriage this coming July 17th and we like to jokingly say “the first 50 years of marriage are always the hardest”.  But truthfully and seriously we have benefited immensely by having frequent check-ins and check-ups, so give it some thought, it might just give your marriage the very boost required to finish the race and be shining examples for all to observe.  Just Saying!! And thanks for considering.  Gary Emery