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As Spring is beginning to break through, I realized how challenging it has recently been to create and maintain healthy outlets. We need to have outlets where we can get recharged. More recently all options for indoor recreation have been closed or severely limited. At times even outdoor recreation has been restricted.

People have had to dig deep and get creative for home workouts, taking up a hobby or even finding something fun to do.

Personally, I’ve learned how to play one song on the piano, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Thank goodness for YouTube. 

Andrew Heinz virtual therapyWhen I think of the word outlet my immediate thought is an electrical outlet. An electrical outlet gives a charge to whatever is plugged into it. Human beings need a recharge. We need to have fun, healthy and creative ways to express ourselves and experience our gifts and talents. 

I looked up the formal definition of outlet: 

“out•let out′lĕt″, -lĭt

  1.         A passage for escape or exit; a vent.
  2.         A means of release or gratification, as for energies, drives, or desires.”

We need to escape at times, that’s why we go on vacations. We need to vent at times to let off steam and pressures. We need a release for our energies, drives, desire talents and gifts. Because if we don’t we can get pulled down into the doldrums and it can be difficult to get out.


Outdoors options abound in Northern Colorado. As the weather improves so will the desire to go outside. Whether it be biking, walking, jogging, going to the park, hiking or hanging out in the backyard it’s important to be intentional and create an outlet. Other creative outdoor ideas: scenic drives, taking up outdoor photography, painting scenery, fishing or even just laying out in the sun. 

Fishing in colorado

As restrictions began to loosen there are also now more opportunities for finding healthy and fun outlets that are indoors as well. Here’s a brief list of local options:

Fort Collins Northside Aztlan Center – Open to Public

Mulberry Pool – Open with Reservations

Epic Pool Outdoor Recreation Pool – Open with Reservations

Loveland Chilson Senior Center – Open to Public

Windsor Recreation Center – open without having to make a reservation 

 My encouragement is to break through with Spring. Be intentional and choose a healthy outlet where you can tap into your passions and joy. Get recharged. 

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