What does it mean to practice positive thinking and affirmations? 

When I think about affirmations and the impact that they have, I think about the first time someone asked me what I love about myself.

At first, a very confusing question. I took a long pause and thought about what I should answer rather than dive into what I really do love. 

Empowerment can come from allowing yourself to think and speak in a positive manner about yourself without worry or judgment.

Whether it is a freckle on your face or the way you make people feel, practice positive thinking and allow yourself to say out loud the things you love about yourself.

There are different tools that help when I am struggling to speak kindly to myself.

One of which, I speak as though I am talking to the 8-year-old me.

What would I tell her? Would I speak down to her as well? When I realize how much more kindly I speak, I remind myself that she is me. 

Acknowledge Your Strengths

Speaking positively to myself and giving myself affirmations is a part of self-care that I can carry with me throughout any stage of my life. Don’t be afraid to recognize your strengths.

Affirmations can look different for everyone. I-am statements are a well-known way to affirm yourself and help you to dive into what makes you, you.

  • I am strong
  • I am worthy
  • I am loved
  • I am funny
  • I am enough

Positive self-talk can also come through telling yourself what you deserve

  • I deserve safety
  • I deserve happiness
  • I deserve forgiveness
  • I deserve peace

Flip the Negative

Learn to look at a negative thought and say, “This thought does not serve me” and replace it with a thought that does.

When I find myself thinking “I am not good enough” I practice positive thinking and replace it with something rooted in truth rather than fear. 

Truth in this instance would be, “I care about others around me”.

This helps me to take a negative thought and make it into something positive. If I am worried about being good enough for others, this can also mean that I care about the impact I make on others, which shows empathy and thoughtfulness.

Practice Positive Thinking with Self-Care

Self-care is another great way to empower yourself to practice positive thinking.

When you find yourself in a slump, what kinds of things make you feel better? Whether this is a small act such as reading a book, watching your favorite TV show, or going on a walk, give yourself grace and know that taking a break is OK. 

Asking for help is OK.

Being 100% yourself is OK.

Self-care can come from something fun like a spa day, but it can also come from allowing ourselves space, grace, and forgiveness.

To conclude, I will leave you with a quote from a wonderful and empowering book called The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.

“When the big things feel out of control…focus on what you love right under your nose”