When we think of the word vulnerability, it can feel quite jarring.

What does it look like when we let our guards down and show a deeper side to ourselves that we may keep close to the chest? 

To be vulnerable is to open doors into our truest selves and show others, no matter how scary or difficult it may feel. 

I often hear that being vulnerable may show others that you are weak, but what a strength it is to deep dive into un-comfortability and befriend it.

The Strengths

how to grow stronger in my mental health fort collins emery counselingWhether it comes to asserting boundaries, telling someone how you feel about them, or sharing a difficult emotion, vulnerability shows its face in many ways. Whatever it is that we carry, will get heavier the longer we go without release. There is freedom in diving deep and pulling up something that has been sitting with us in our day-to-day lives. In therapy, you may experience times where an emotion emerges, and tears will flow. Your body is telling you that you are experiencing something. By allowing those feelings to exist, you are validating them. What a beautiful way to show yourself that you are human, and that your experience is valid. To face hardships in front of others may be uncomfortable, but brave.

Practicing Vulnerability

Mindfulness is a great tool to help navigate the road to being vulnerable. What does mindfulness practice look like in this regard?

  •       Notice what emotions come up when being vulnerable
  •       Do you use defense mechanisms (humor etc.) when you are emotional?
  •       How does your body feel?
  •       What are your biggest fears regarding vulnerability
  •       How do you feel when others are vulnerable with you?
  •       What self-care do you implement before, during, and after?
  •       How is your self-talk before and after you share?

how to be vulnerable Northern Colorado Therapy

One of the biggest fears we have of being vulnerable is how others may receive us. Practicing receiving vulnerability is another great way to validate emotions and allow ourselves to feel safe in doing so.

Affirm yourself that you are strong, and that there is beauty found in un-comfortability.