Using Writing as a Tool

When we look at self-care techniques, writing can yield thoughts we did not even know existed. Writing can come in many forms, whether that be a poem, a short story, or maybe using our notes app on our phone to jot down a few things. This is a way for us to use our body to get our thoughts out in the physical world. Whether we want to read it later, share it with others, or tuck it away for safekeeping, we can learn a lot about ourselves through this form of expression. What a wonderful way to be vulnerable! Below is a poem written from the therapist’s chair. In writing this I discovered some of the most beautiful parts of the process of therapy and how this has shown up in my life. This was a way to practice that vulnerability myself. Enjoy!

Self Care Depression Art

Ode to an armchair

The place I learned

That silence can run deep

The depth like a tunnel

We found as children

I wonder where that goes

I would say

But it just existed

The same way I did

And that was okay

In the arm chair I learned 

Ode to an armchair

The place I learned that longing

Is love 

In a form

You watch from a window

In the arm chair

I sat

And watched as people

Touched the glass 

And described the sensation 

On their fingers

Maybe the window

Is just a way 

To still have a view

In the armchair I learned 

Ode to an armchair 

The place I learned

Apologies for feeling

Come in bounty

I am sorry that you can see me

I am sorry that you can see me 

Oh but how wonderful

To see new shades of blue

What an honor 

To sit near someone 

As they show you

All of the rooms they have painted

Through a door previously locked

What an honor

In the armchair I learned 

Ode to an armchair 

The place I learned 

That anger

And love 

Can exist simultaneously 

Like the siblings 

At a wedding

We sit at different tables

They are bound to create destruction

We say

But by the end of the night 

A drink will be shared

And a laugh will be had

Under the same exact moon 

We can not choose

What exists all at once 

In the armchair I learned