Sadly, this is a frequently used expression as we work with couples in counseling. Married, yes, but yet experiencing a disturbing sense of “isolation”. Isolation is the opposite of “Intimacy”, so instead of experiencing a deep connection with a spouse, too often couples have lost ground over time and end up feeling lonely, separated and solitary even while yet married. The following is a …Read More

  2. The Roots of Addiction: Addiction Counseling In Fort Collins

    A lot of us don’t have to look very far to find someone we know that is an addict.  For some of us we don’t even have to look beyond ourselves.  Addiction is a very prevalent part of our world.  Addiction doesn’t have to be a bad thing, although it usually is.  If someone were addicted to serving others or addicted to following their religion or addicted to bringing about world peace add…Read More

  3. Constant Change in Life | Counseling for Life Transistions

    Similar to a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, humans have a psychological metamorphosis when life goes through major changes. Sometimes these changes are planned and we know they are coming and other times they hit us out of nowhere. For me the most impactful one in my life so far was transitioning from being a student, to not being a student. At the end of college many are single, ambitious…Read More

  4. Rebuild Your Relationship with Fort Collins Marriage Counselors

    Relationships are built on trust and honesty, and if you feel that you can't trust someone, the relationship with that person usually suffers. In a marriage, a breakdown of trust can have devastating consequences that lead to anger and resentment that people can hold onto for many years. At Emery Counseling, we want to help couples rebuild their relationship and as Fort Collins marriage counselors…Read More

  5. Take The Time to Speak With Counselors in Fort Collins

    Life presents people with many challenges and sometimes, we can struggle with overcoming those challenges. Personal tragedies can follow us for many years, and without the proper guidance, can lead us into anxiety and depression. At Emery Counseling in Fort Collins, our team of counselors is always ready to speak with an individual that wants to discuss the challenges in their life and how they're…Read More

  6. Just Say No

    Text message reads: N: The Baker’s want to know if we can do dinner with them next Friday. J: Sure. Wait! We have Isaac’s football game. How about Saturday? N: No. That won’t work because we are attending the banquet. J: Friday in two weeks? N: No. We’ve committed to help at Jessica’s school dance. J: Crap. I guess tell them we’ll let them know when we can find a time. Sound familiar? …Read More

  7. Affirmation – The Sustainable Fuel

    Parents often ask me how to “motivate” their kids. They try incentives, consequences, threats, but few try affirmation. Parents tend to shy away from affirming their children out of fear of two perceived consequences. The first fear is parents believe if they affirm their children they are communicating that they are approving of everything their children are doing (and they don’t want to do…Read More