Karen Bridges

Session Rate $120 for 50 minutes

Areas of Focus

Relational Challenges


Health Struggles


Life Transitions

Counseling Education

Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences from Colorado State University 

Master of Arts degree in counseling from Colorado Christian University.


Theraputic Experience

I have found myself in many roles, from college student, wife, mom, and daycare provider, to mentor and teacher for middle schoolers, high schoolers, and young mothers. In the process, I learned that I thrive on exploring others’ life stories almost as much as exploring new places with my husband. I enjoy hiking in the mountains, gardening, and playing in the kitchen with my family. Reading mysteries, designing quilts and other projects, and walking on new paths are my favorite ways to relieve stress.

Therapy Approach

As a counselor, I approach my work from a holistic, integrative, and trauma-informed perspective. Meeting with clients at crucial intersections in their present season of life allows us to jointly explore thoughts, emotions, and motivations in the context of the physical, spiritual, and relational realities shaping their identities. Moving forward involves dealing with the challenging life transitions, unresolved losses, and painful trauma woven through their unique journeys. We collaborate in mapping out ways for them to meet their goals for healthy relationships and wholeness by utilizing tools from narrative, emotion-focused, Gestalt, and DBT perspectives in tandem with their medical advisors.

I find joy in the myriad of colors, patterns, hues, and textures of quilting fabrics. The process of blending the contrasts in an intricate pattern, as well as the jigsaw puzzle work of matching pieces together, is deeply satisfying. The tactile pleasure of planning, planting, watering, pruning, or harvesting trees is a similar joy. Whether I’m caring for the trees, hiking to a hidden lake, or watching the sun rise through the rocks, being in the forest brings me peace.

Take the First Step

First time clients are welcomed in for a free 30 minute consultation with any of our counselors. This initial session will act as a meet and greet to ensure that you and the counselor are the right fit.