What is the world is parts work and how can it come into play in a therapy session? 

Well first let’s begin by defining what a part is of oneself. 

Do you ever feel like a younger version of yourself? 

Does a memory of yourself at a different age flood you when you go through a certain situation? 

Parts work therapyThis can be a part. 

We have many, many different parts of ourselves the are interwoven in our whole self. A part of you can even be part that was internalized you by someone else! Wild! I know! 

For example, I remember I worked with a part of myself that was around 12. The part was athletic and strong. The part’s message for me was that I needed to be strong and guarded and tough. And that had a real hardened quality to it. When asked by a professor was that part a message from me or from someone else….An image of my dad came to mind of rough housing with me. The part developed from his fear of raising a daughter in the world of harsh things. And so I could ease into the part and show it my adult self now. And then the part could walk away if it wants to or I have the choice to comfort her however she needs to be comforted. 

Chelsea oconnor Parts work

It is a felt sense and visualization practice in therapy or on the self that can be super helpful anytime you are feeling quite a lot. 

Or maybe you are beating yourself up that you feel you acted in a more immature way or a pattern that was supposed to have been so long ago. 

Find a trusted therapist who does this work. Their unconditional positive regard and calm presence can help hold such a vulnerable process. 

And then once learned it can be fully integrated into your tool belt of life! 

Kindest Wishes,

Chelsea O’Connor